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Need help?

This page contains instructions on how to describe problems with Legacy Launcher.


Don't want to wait? Try our self-repair manual


This page requires localization of screenshots. Feel free to open PR if you want to help

Collect Diagnostic Data

  1. Make sure you're using the latest launcher version. Try to enable launcher beta in settings
  2. Check that your computer/laptop meets Minecraft system requirements
  3. Try to re-run the game. Make the error occur again.
  4. Click "Need help?" in error window Error window with "Need help?" button
    No error window? No "Need help?" button?
    1. Click "Information" button Click bottom-left button
    2. Select "Need help?" in drop-down menu Select "Need help?"
  5. Send diagnostic data

    Don't forget to check the "send diagnostic data" box!

    Sending diagnostic data

    If launcher fail to send diagnostic data, you will asked to save them as a file. Save them at your convenience and upload them to us manually

  6. Open the given link "Data is sent" window
  7. In your browser, be sure to copy the link provided - we'll need it to solve the problem "Pasta" window

Contact our support

Choose a preferred contact method - Discord or VK



Support in Discord is provided mainly by volunteers

  1. Join our Discord Select "Discord"
  2. Open the "need-help" channel Find and open "need-help" channel
  3. Press "New post" button in top-right corner Press "New post" button
  4. Enter a short title and describe the problem. Select the appropriate tags. Don't forget to paste the link you copied earlier or the file you received earlier.
  5. Post a message and wait for a response. Press "Post" button



Support in VK is only provided by the developers. The waiting time for a response may reach several days.

  1. Open new chat with our VK group Select "open VK"
  2. Describe the problem, copy the link you copied earlier and/or the file you received earlier into the chat Group chat window
  3. Send a message and wait for a reply. We will reply at the first opportunity.


We do not provide technical support via e-mail at this time. Please use the methods above.