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Legacy Launcher developers do not encourage cheats

Is your launcher for cheaters?

No. We do not specialize in this. The fact that cheats can run in our launcher is just a consequence of the fact that the launcher supports any version capable of running in a licensed launcher. We do not endorse cheating and do not support cheat crashes.

A server found cheats in your launcher and banned me!

The launcher itself does not contain cheats. If cheat files were found in your game folder - it means that you (or another user of your PC) downloaded them by yourself.
Remember - deleting a cheat from the versions folder will not delete all cheat files. Want to be sure that the game folder is clean? Save the worlds and reinstall the whole game by deleting the game folder.

I can not launch the cheat, the launcher can not download its files!

This problem is relevant for any third-party version.
Launcher needs to download files from somewhere. If the version developer did not bother to provide working file links, the launcher will not be able to download these files. If you have such problems, please contact the version developer.

The cheat does not launch without -noverify!

Failure to launch a version without -noverify indicates incorrect modifications. Such a version, even if it can be run, will be extremely unstable. Do not use versions that require them to be run with -noverify, do not run normal versions of the game with this argument - this may lead to unpredictable consequences.

Cheat crashes while playing!

If you have ignored the above point and still run an obviously inoperable version with -noverify - it is to be expected. Even the "developer" will not be able to help you, because he obviously doesn't understand anything about Java programming. In other cases - contact the cheat developer, only he will be able to understand the reason of a crash. We can only suggest you removing cheats and playing with unmodified version of the game.

Please note!

Neither Minecraft, Legacy Launcher, nor Java has anti-cheats. The -noverify option is not responsible for disabling them, but for disabling checks of executable code for correctness and operability.

But I was told it's a problem with the launcher!

If a cheat developer really thinks so, we are waiting for him to contact us with convincing evidence. Unfortunately, at this time, there are no such cases in our experience.

But why can't you help me?

Because we have no data to identify the cause of the crash. All we can see from our side is "well, it doesn't work". Only the cheat developer has the information to diagnose crashes.

But I have no cheats!

When diagnosing an error, we do not look at version name or mod names. If we find files and techniques characteristic for cheats (use of non-standard libraries, tweakers and agents; code obfuscation; modification name hiding or falsification) - then we consider such modifications as cheats and do not provide technical support for the reasons described above. *The majority of cheats, "pvp software" and "visuals" fall under such conditions. For any crashes of such modifications, you should contact their authors only and only.