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You have viruses in your launcher!

Short answer: no, check for yourself

But VirusTotal shows there is a virus!

VirusTotal shows the results of scans by different antivirus engines. If only one or two antiviruses out of almost 70 show something (and even more so if well-known antiviruses are silent), it is most likely a false positive. For many low-quality antiviruses, any suspicious activity (no digital signature, attempts to launch or download something from the network - i.e. completely normal for a launcher) is enough to mark a file as suspicious or malicious.

But I have antivirus catching stealer after launching the launcher!

Are you sure it happens when you launch Legacy Launcher? Probably you have downloaded a malicious mod or a game version from unofficial sources and the event you mentioned occurs when launching the game, not the Launcher. We try to protect you from this, but our capabilities are not unlimited.

But when I open your site, it says it's a virus!

Some pseudo-antiviruses mark sites that have received copyright complaints as malicious. Our repositories may also be blocked for the same reason.

You're all lying, I watched the video, you can't convince me!

We are not trying to convince anyone. You can make sure of everything yourself by studying the launcher source code.

But they're not on GitHub! And GitHub removes viruses! So there are viruses! Don't lie to us, MiTask!

GitHub does not check files for malware. Moreover, many people intentionally post viruses on GitHub, both for malicious and research purposes. Don't listen to other people's nonsense and examine the source code archive yourself - there is nothing wrong with it.

But why don't you just publish your git repository? We know you have one!

This is our decision. We have nothing against publishing the source code of the Launcher for evaluation purposes, but we do not plan to publish a more detailed change history.