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OptiFine Alternatives

OptiFine is an extremely unstable mod that has a huge number of incompatibility problems with other modifications.
This page contains mods that can replace the functionality of OptiFine.


  • Sodium (Fabric/NeoForge, Forge) - the core rendering optimization level
    • Indium (Fabric) - Sodium compatibility layer with mods using Fabric API
    • Reese's Sodium Options (Fabric, Forge) - advanced Sodium settings
    • Sodium Extra (Fabric, Forge) - more detailed graphics configuration (e.g. animations, particles, sky, weather...)
  • Cull Leaves (Forge/Fabric) - Smart Leaves alternative
  • Entity Culling (Forge/Fabric) - disables rendering of creatures invisible to the player
  • Lithium: (Fabric, Forge, Forge (another port)) - ingame server optimization
  • Phosphor (Fabric, Forge) - lighting optimization
    The mod conflicts with Starlight
  • Starlight (Fabric, Forge) - improved lighting optimization, but may not be compatible with some mods
    The mod conflicts with Phosphor
  • FerriteCore (Forge/Fabric) - memory usage optimization
  • VulkanMod (Fabric) - replaces the OpenGL renderer with an Vulkan implementation

    While this mod can greatly increase game performance, it will break all mods that use OpenGL directly

Resourcepack Features

  • LambDynamicLights (Fabric, Forge) - dynamic lighting
  • LambdaBetterGrass (Fabric) - improved grass and snow visualization
  • OptiGUI (Fabric) - interface modification support via resourcepacks
  • Animatica (Fabric, Forge) - interface animation support via OptiFine resourcespacks
  • MoreMCmeta (Forge/Fabric) - OptiFine animations and animated textures support (Animatica alternative)
  • Colormatic (Fabric) - OptiFine Custom Colors
  • Entity Model Features (Forge/Fabric) - OptiFine Custom Entity Models
  • CIT Resewn (Fabric) - OptiFine Custom Item Textures
  • Entity Texture Features (Forge/Fabric) - OptiFine Custom Entity Textures and Random Entity Textures
  • Continuity (Fabric, Forge) - OptiFine Connected Textures


  • Iris (Fabric, Forge) - Sodium addon, supports shaders in OptiFine compatible format
    • Vulkanite (Fabric) - Iris addon which adds support for hardware-accelerated raytracing in Minecraft

      Vulkanite requires a graphics card with hardware raytracing support, such as NVIDIA RTX.
      Also, this mod is very early in development and is extremely unstable.

  • Canvas (Fabric/Quilt) - an alternative rendering engine for Minecraft with custom (non-OptiFine-compatible) shaders support

    OptiFine shaders will not work with Canvas. Canvas states full compatibility with the Fabric API, but has many compatibility issues with other mods.